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January 12 2013


Love the Blue Max 4000 Gas Powered Generator. Read Why!

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Note: This is a review, click here to visit the Blue Max 4000 site.

I was pretty skeptical that mine would arrive damaged. I was very pleasantly surprised when it didn't have a scratch. Difference between giving those UPS guys a Christmas gift or not I guess:) Anyway, I did not have my flex funnel as suggested and it cost me a big oil pool on my driveway. I tipped the unit, filled it with oil, which it kept taking and taking until I noticed oil running from air cleaner box; dudes! I know stupid! So, as someone else said, leave it upright, flex funnel it, add about a quart, maybe less, if you flex funnel it you'll be able to tell when it overflows a little. Fill that byotch up with gas (add some Stabil) and it will start on the 2nd pull. I did have a little trouble with the choke lever. It didn't want to move and I had to get a screw driver and help the actual choke flange move with the lever the first couple times; then it loosened a little. All other dudes are correct. The instructions for the motor do not match what your looking at. If you've worked with small motors before you'll figure this on out quick. If your careful with the oil filling (not me, I was excited as kid on Christmas) you'll have no trouble with this unit provided it was delivered intact. My buddy and I rented a Honda from Home Depot during the last power outage (retail $1400.00) and it was about the same noise level as this unit at the same power rating. I don't know that the folks in a camp ground would like hearing it all night, but, it'll keep your fridge, sump and a couple lamps humming. Overall, GREAT value. If your hesitating 'cause of negative reviews; so did I. I decided to take a chance because of the price and I am very happy with this generator. Perfect for a back-up to power outage. Just take care of it with Stabil and run it once in a while. Another user recommended closing the fuel valve then removing the carb bowl screw and draining it, then replacing the screw for the next use to prevent the carb from "gunking" up. I recommend just closing the fuel valve while it's running and letting it go for the 5 minutes and it will stall after the carb is drained. That way you are not letting any dirt or dust into the carb bowl. The Stabil will keep it from "gunking".

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Great bargain for $240 with free shipping. The generator shipped from Amazon by FedEx and was delivered in two days with super saver shipping with absolutely no damage. The box was even in good shape. From other reviews, I guess that I was lucky with my shipment. I added oil and gas and the generator started on the first pull. It runs well and is fairly quiet for a generator this size, not quite as loud as my lawn mower. I will use this for power outages and primitive camping in my travel trailer. It runs the 13,500 BTU AC and lights/refrigerator all at one time with no problem. I just had to choke up the generator a tad when I turned the AC on, then was able to choke it back down once the AC started. It weighs about 100 pounds. I can pick it up and put it in the bed of my truck. I didn't opt for the wheels, and I can move it easily with a hand truck.

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